• Codename Limelight

    Broadcast *LIVE* from your mobile device to unlimited simultaneous viewers around the world. MeTV! allows an unlimited number of concurrent broadcasters to each broadcast live video to an unlimited number of real-time viewers.
    Anywhere, Anytime

    MeTV! users can request broadcasts based on specific interests, specific subjects, specific broadcasters, or specific geographic locations and have those requests immediately fulfilled by other MeTV! users.

  • Everywhere, Whenever

    Broadcast live video to as many viewers that are interested in watching. Broadcast how you want: phones, tablets, notebooks, desktops, and new form factor devices. The result is a powerful compliment of digital expression, a “right here, right now” immersive experience, and a new level of unlimited connection that is always there, always on, and responsive to your requests.

  • Be One of the First

    MeTV! is a real-time, all the way live, mobile media broadcasting system that is social, ambient, and exceptionally interactive.

    In a limited preliminary release, MeTV! will be going live in late 2013. The release is a fully functional preview version with a capped user base. MeTV! is poised for amazing breakthroughs and we’re ready to make it happen.

  • The Next Big Thing

    MeTV! uses a patent-pending technology system based on swarm algorithms to form, coordinate, organize, optimize, and reinforce ad-hoc broadcasting and information networks. This process requires minimal, and in some scenarios no, centralized infrastructure.

    Uniquely Disruptive

    MeTV! is an “app-first” system that is built purely on the combination of cloud technologies, native device capabilities, and swarm algorithms (a concept used in artificial intelligence). Features are specifically tailored to the device to provide users with the best possible experience.

Mobile, Social, Video, Location-Aware, Cloud, P2P

MeTV! incorporates several aspects of social networking to help users connect when they’re not participating in broadcasts and even when they’re not online. Additionally, users can compete for recognition, notoriety, and popularity. It is the perfect mix of community and vanity that is delivered with the same fun and competition as the best social gaming systems.

In the works...

Coming Soon

This is a preliminary *prototype* release. Please pardon our imperfections while we bring you the cool stuff, we promise it will be worth it...

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DRM for User-Generated Content

MeTV! enforces content ownership, security, and consumption restrictions through the application of digital rights management (DRM). Users control their content as it is transmitted, as it is consumed, and even after it has been distributed during subsequent views (as allowed).

Push Notifications, Live Tiles

MeTV! provides notifications and alerts delivered to the user’s device(s), including interactive live tiles. Users are closely connected and well informed but never spammed. That connection, awareness, and shared experience continues even when they are not actively using the system.

Better [Structured] Social Networking

Social features include different types of connections to provide flexibility in interactions while at the same time maintaining context. Users’ connections may include friends, non-friends, multiple communities (via membership), a single clique (via membership), and groups that are managed/controlled by an individual user (much like a distribution list).

Windows Phone 8

MeTV! will soon also be available on the Windows Marketplace for Windows Phone 8. Standard mobile/cellular connectivity is fully supported and does not limit the broadcasting capacity.

Recommended Equipment

Recognition, Notoriety, Fame...

MeTV! provides the critical utilities for everything from novelty hijinks to organized activism. Additionally, MeTV! game-ifies the entire social dynamic so that every user wants to “score” points.


Make it rain! Points can be bought, traded, won from awards, and offered as bounty for broadcast requests.


Earn your stripes and flaunt your status. Standout by achieving what others can't.


Let reality determine the stars. With the world at fingertips, your audience can be as big as you can make it.

Get MeTV! from the Windows App Store

MeTV! will be exclusively available through the Windows App Store for Window 8 / Windows 8.1 devices. This is the killer social video app for your tablet, desktop, laptop, or convertible device.